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Pickleball Paddles Set - Fiberglass

Pickleball Paddles Set - Fiberglass

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Ready to get into the fastest growing sport in the US? This pickleball set offers a great introduction to pickleball for beginners looking for a lighter weight paddle. This pickleball set includes 2 pickleball paddles, 2 outdoor pickleballs and 2 indoor pickleballs, plus a carrying bag.

Pickleball Paddle - These composite pickleball paddles is adaptable and ideal for any type of player. These paddles are medium weight which give you speed and power in every hit.  The double layer fiberglass surface is maximizes feel and consistent bounce in every shot.

Premium Grade Polymer Honeycomb Core - The Pickleball Paddle core uses composite polymer honeycomb that give you control but still allow for nicer pop. The honeycomb structure makes it easier to get a good spin feel than a wooden paddle.

Lightweight & Portable - Comes with a handy carrying bag to make gear organized. It can hold two pickleball paddles and four pickleballs Keep your equipment safely stored and free of dirt and damage when not in use. 

Premium Grip, Perfect Handle Size - Pickleball racquet weight of 8.5 oz provides more power. It has a 4.5" handle paired with a 4.33" grip circumference that allows for more comfort and is anti-slip. Additional overgrips included.

Best Choice - Ideal for Beginner or Intermediate players, provide playability for players of all ages and different levels. Just grab a friend and head to the court with our pickleball paddles and ball set.

New to pickleball? Click here to learn how to pick a pickleball paddle.

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