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Auto Spooler Pro™

Auto Spooler Pro™

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    Guarantee yourself no more line twist - without having to buy expensive lines!

    • Save your pencils for counting all the fish you just caught ;)
    • Perfect for virtually any size spool
    • Detachable, lightweight & portable
    • Guaranteed to have zero line twist 
    • Smooth casting and reeling experience guaranteed 
    • Works with most sized reels

    The unfair advantage of professional line spooling

    You'll be blown away by how easy it is to load your spool with this. 

    Even if you always have someone around to help you, no under 30-minute technique ensures to spool with consistent tension and free from line twists.

    To learn more about why this is the case please watch the video above.

    With ParaTwist™ Technology, your reel and spool rotate in perfect synchronization, preventing any sort of tangling, looseness or wind knots. Keeps the line steady and firm, allowing for a strong & durable line that gives you consistency with every cast.

    You've spent hundreds on fishing tackle, rod & equipment, so the last thing we want is for your brand new line to be the reason your big catch gets away, just because of bad spooling...

    "Been fishing for 12 years and my reel has never felt so smooth. Not the slightest line twist and I haven't had a broken line since." - Rod J 


    Our Guarantee

    With over 10,000 happy customers from all around the world, we are confident to provide a FULL refund within 100 days if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase.


    1. Turn the lock clockwise allowing the Auto Spooler to spin freely
    2. Manually wrap the fishing line around the reel
    3. Adjust the power knob of the winder to a low tension
    4. Reel it into just over an 8th of an inch from the top of your reel


    1. Turn the lock anti-clockwise locking the spooler in place
    2. Manually set up your line to your reel 
    3. Adjust the power knob of the winder to your chosen tension
    4. Reel it into just over an 8th of an inch from the top of your reel


    • High strength & lightweight graphite frame
    • Two small extra bushings for different diameter line spools.
    • It can be easily disassembled
    • L*W: 26cm*16cm/10.23inch*6.29inch
    • Weight: 8.82ounces


    Please note that we require 1 to 3 working days on average to fulfill your order before dispatching it. Once your order is dispatched, depending on your country or region, estimated delivery time is between 7 to 14 business days. Thank you for shopping with Mountain Oak Supplies! 


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